The Quantities Difference

Quantities Corporation is an experienced partner you can trust to ensure your construction project is completed on schedule, on budget, and in keeping with the highest industry standards. Led by CEO Frederick Thompson, Quantities stands apart not only in the depth of our experience in managing a wide range of projects, but also in our comprehensive approach which uses our advanced knowledge and technology to integrate the requirements of all project phases (preconstruction, construction, and post construction) with the cost, budget, and schedule controls that are necessary for the smooth progression of the project.

​Quality Services. Excellent Value.

​We have a team quite adept and experienced at performing a wide range of construction support and project management activities whether in the field or in the office. This perfect balance of field experience and project management skills uniquely positions us for good decision making and analysis in issues related to production and constructability.

To meet a critical need in the multi-trillion dollar global construction industry, we have developed a patented online preconstruction services solution. This proprietary web-based system uses a simple and cost-effective process that strategically combines state-of-the-art technology with industry-specific business intelligence to allow firms to have their bids prepared in a fraction of the normal time and for a fraction of the normal cost. We are confident that Quantities has the potential to permanently change the way that the industry procures preconstruction services.

Demand Exists for an Easily Accessible, Global Preconstruction Solution

Over the course of my thirty-plus year career in the construction industry, I have found a consistent and critical need among construction firms for a comprehensive preconstruction solution. Too often, the weakest link in producing an accurate and timely bid is the late delivery of quantities in the estimating process which necessitates a rush at the end of the estimating process which is likely to adversely affect the accuracy and delivery schedule of the final bid.

Preparing quantity takeoffs is time-consuming and tedious and when faced with large projects and/or insufficient resources allocated to the task a firm can face disastrous delays in the preparation of the final bid package. This problem is further compounded when jobs overlap and resources have to be reallocated and/or shared between jobs. The demand for a solution to these problems is what led Quantities Inc., to develop seamless web based service which provides the following benefits to general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers:
  • The ability to continue developing and submitting quality bids on new projects, even during the busy construction season.
  • A cost-effective alternative to hiring additional staff on a short-term basis which is undesirable due to the associated monetary and training costs.
  • Comprehensive, easily accessible expertise on an as-needed basis for estimating and pre-construction services.
  • The ability to analyze and share information in real time which is essential in today’s fast-paced, global economy.
  • Significant time and cost-savings with dramatically reduced turnaround time on bid preparation and delivery.
  • Elimination of the need to use multiple services providers for preconstruction services, a practice which can cause bidding and planning inaccuracies in addition to lower quality project outcomes.
Quantities Inc.’s patented system addresses all of the needs above and it also has the ability to enhance the global reach of firms that use it, which is another critical need in the construction industry. The system currently resides on our company’s recently redesigned website, Quantities.com
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