​Our online tools are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals

To meet a critical need in the multi-trillion dollar global construction industry, we have developed a patented online preconstruction services solution. This proprietary web-based system uses a simple and cost-effective process that strategically combines state-of-the-art technology with industry-specific business intelligence to allow firms to have their bids prepared in a fraction of the normal time and for a fraction of the normal cost.

Project Owner

With our international database of Quantity Surveyors and Contractors, no matter where in the world your next project is taking place, you can rely on to help you get from concept to C.O. more efficiently and with lower overhead than ever before.

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With, there is no need to have a full blown estimating department. Our national registry of experienced QS professionals is growing daily, meaning you can take advantage of some of the best talent in the industry at a fraction of the cost you are used to paying.

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Quantity Surveyor

Quantity take-off has finally made the transition to an internet-based, outsourced platform. Now you can pick and choose which projects or project sections you work on from a growing international project listing. You control your destiny. How much you earn is only determined by your level of involvement.

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Material Supplier

Generate detailed take-off lists and actively participate in the estimating process. Keep a material take-off on file, and print a material list, on the spot! Being able to participate in the estimating process means you can identify more opportunities to sell materials to each contractor that walks through your door.

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Delivering the Next Generation of QTO Services

Our proprietary and advanced platform generates detailed quantity take-off (QTO) information and material lists from PDF or BIM files in accordance with CSI Master Format™ standards for cost estimates and the procurement of materials.

The Quantities Difference​

Led by CEO Frederick Thompson, Quantities stands apart not only in the depth of our experience in managing a wide range of projects, but also in our comprehensive approach which uses our advanced knowledge and technology to integrate the requirements of all project phases (preconstruction, construction, and post construction) with the cost, budget, and schedule controls that are necessary for the smooth progression of the project.

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