Advanced Pre-Construction Services for the Construction Industry

Quantities is dedicated to the success of our clients, providing advanced tools, expert knowledge and exceptional service to project owners, contractors, and materials suppliers.

​Transforming the efficiency and profitability of your Quantity Take-Off (QTO) process is easy using our patented platform, high speed internet access and a few common tools (i.e. on-screen take-off software, Microsoft Excel® templates, and onscreen Earthworks).

Seeking projects to quantify?

Quantity take-off has finally made the transition to an internet-based, outsourced platform. enables you to pick and choose which projects – or specific project sections – you work on from an always growing international project listing.

With you control your destiny – full-time or part-time, from your office, living room or dining room table.

​How much you earn is only determined by your level of involvement.