Advanced Pre-Construction Services for the Construction Industry

.​Quantities is dedicated to the success of our clients, providing advanced tools, expert knowledge and exceptional service to project owners, contractors, and materials suppliers.

​Transforming the efficiency and profitability of your Quantity Take-Off (QTO) process is easy using our patented platform, high speed internet access and a few common tools (i.e. on-screen take-off software, Microsoft Excel® templates, and onscreen Earthworks)

Maximize Your Estimating Capabilities!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Partnering with Quantities Inc., reduces the stress and time commitment associated with construction project planning and offers the ideal way to extend your organizations’ estimating resources.

Using the robust platform, you have access to our entire network of highly skilled and talented estimators, contractors, and material suppliers ensuring that your new projects can move forward even when your in-house team is at (or over) capacity.

With just a few mouse clicks and the power of, you’ll have the highly accurate QTO lists you need in record time. Let our international network of expert quantity surveyors and contractors help you get from concept to C.O. more efficiently, with less overhead, and more accuracy no matter where around the globe your next project is.

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